Hello Everybody,

Long time no see, or hear, or write, or whatever you call it but it’s been a while since any blog post was posted to here. Just to let everyone know our team is still kicking and alive but over the last two months our game has gone through a major overhaul. Not to get too much into the specifics of our dilemmas but the short and sweet answer for our team’s long hiatus was that our game wasn’t progressing as it should have so we had to reevaluate our core concepts and mechanics and reiterate our entire game. Now that might sound like a huge back step to our development and it was for about a week but fortunately for us our team is awesome so it wasn’t as much of a set back as we thought it would be.

Some of the biggest changes that we had to employ into our new game vision were:

1. Making our levels a lot smaller but elaborate.

2. Scrapping most of our light power mechanic and focusing the game on one specific mechanic, pushing objects.

3. Reiterating our world swapping mechanic to have a cause and effect mechanic.

Now the reason we decided to focus our attention towards just a few specific mechanic instead of many was because as mention before our game wasn’t progressing much and it was becoming too much of an action platformer instead of a puzzle platformer game.

  The main concept behind Helios was to essentially have an intricate puzzle platform game focused on direct player controlled mechanics. Unfortunately our original idea of using three lights that gave the player different abilities was too out of scope for our project’s timeline so we couldn’t fully develop those mechanics. Instead we just said out with the old and in with the new which surprisingly worked out much better in the long run.

So here is a basic synopsis of want Helios gameplay will feature:

Since the game will revolve around the player pushing objects there will be a variety of pushable objects for the player to interact with throughout each level. The main three will be…

Wood Box

Electric Box

Explosion Box

Similar to our light mechanics these boxes will have unique properties that are essential to so solving each level. For example the explosion box as the name suggest explodes ( and yes a lot of thought went into that) when it is drop from elevated levels destroy objects on impact. So levels that feature the explosion box will  give a hint to the player that there is some object that will need to be destroyed for the them to progress

Another feature that will be integral to the player’s progression is the world/time swapping function. Very similar to our green light mechanic in our previous design, the player has to swap between time periods to traverse around levels.  However instead of just switching between time periods to traverse, players will actually have to interact with objects in one time period to have an effect on the other time period.

As the end of this project nears us week by week expect more updates soon, such as some new tutorials on features applied to our game and a beta version of our game but thanks to everyone for following us and checking our website regular for updates. We are back and also Happy Holidays.