(This is a simple guide I made for the team for importing new fonts to use in the UDK.  Unless you're making a game based on Star Trek or the Aliens franchise, UDK doesn't have a lot to offer you in terms of fonts.  Here's a quick and easy guide to getting new fonts into your projects.)

To import a new font into UDK, it must first be accessible through your system's control panel.

In order to do this, download a font (Dafont.com is a great resource for amazing, free fonts).  Double click the font to open a preview, and click "install font."
The font preview screen in Windows7
Now head to UDK's Content Browser.  Find the package you want to import to, right click in some blank space, and click "New Font."  Fill out the dialogue with all of the necessary information (Package, Grouping, Name) and then, at the bottom, click "Choose Font"
Make sure to fill in your package and grouping, name your font, and then select "Choose Font"
In this pretty familiar-looking font window, you'll want to adjust the size of the font.  Whatever size you import it in will be its default rendering size, so pick a size that's comfortable but that you can still fiddle with.  I chose 22 or 24 for all of the fonts I've imported so far, but smaller or larger is fine.

When you're done, the font should be imported properly to the UDK, and can be used in any rendering scripts you use for putting information on the HUD.

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