This week we took time to take a look at the big picture. We spent the beginning of the week looking at our milestones to make sure we were on track. We compiled all of the feedback we received from our professor and from fellow students and let that guide us this week. We did quite a few things this week and made some really big decisions.

First, we decided to revisit our mechanics to make sure that they are where we want them to be and to make sure that they synergize one another. We noticed that our mechanics, in fact, could use some more attention because they felt like they stood apart from one another too much. We decided to revisit our yellow and blue light mechanics and develop them more. We are working to make sure that all three of our main mechanics can be used in conjunction with one another. We also felt that revisiting them was extremely important for the development of the interactions in the game. We are really excited with where things are going with the game so far, and we are confident that all of the new changes will make our game much more immersive and engaging.

Second, we decided to look at improving performance for the game in the long run. We noticed that we were on track and even ahead of schedule with most of our milestones, so we looked into moving a lot of our kismet work into uscript. We feel this is a good idea simply because if we are successful, it will greatly improve performance in the long run, and if we fail, we will always have our kismet work to fall back on. We also felt this was a good idea considering the changes we are looking at implementing make our kismet work more involved possibly causing issues down the road.

Third, we decided to revisit our level design work and begin mocking up our first level. We all gave our feedback of some mock ideas and decided to break up into a level design team and a technical team for the remainder of the week. The greatest thing about our team is that we work together every step of the way and include everyone in every step of the development process. This was a great week taking us back to the drawing board in some sense and jumping forward to begin preparing for the delivery of our Alpha build. More news to come as the weeks progress!

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