This week was the first week we began working towards our Alpha Build. We came into this week with a basic prototype of our main mechanics in the game which give the player the ability to cycle between three different states of play, which are being described as “lights”. We have three different lights in the game: blue, yellow, and green.

The challenges that faced the team this week mainly revolved around our prototype from last week, which relied heavily on kismet. This week we decided to revisit our mechanics and make sure that they synergized with one another and fit the overall theme for the game. We split into three groups of two people that each took a light and worked together to make the required changes to it. We then came back together as a team to make sure that we agreed on everything.

The major takeaways from this week were that communication is necessary if you are going to be meeting milestones. We also have been looking for the best possible way to streamline our development process to increase workflow. We have also been successful in the sense that we involve the entire team in each decision that is made. We decided in the beginning of our game project that we were not going to get hung up on roles, which has actually benefited us in the sense that it has brought the team closer together and it has also helped all of us understand our game in every way possible. This wouldn’t be possible on a large team I’m sure, but luckily we are a small team.

This week, I primarily focused on improving our workflow in the later stages of production by doing things such as creating custom actors in Uscript. This would allow level designers to simply drag and drop actors into their levels instead of going through the hassle of setting them up manually. This speeds up production and clears up more space in terms of Kismet. My goal is to set up all object interactions in Uscript to be used as a drag and drop method for level designers later on. I also spent this week prototyping new object interactions such as:

1.       Rockslides

2.       Health Pools

3.       Other various interactions that needed tweaking from last week

All in all, this was a great week, and we learned where to go from here and what to take away to apply later. Something we have been doing at the beginning of each week is assessing where we are as a team, which has helped us maintain our scope and stay on track with milestones. I will be breaking down what I did in particular and going into more depth in upcoming posts so check them out!